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Reopening Pioneer(Stater)

Grand Opening of Pioneer(Starter)

Date: Satuday, 14.01.2017, 18:00 Server Time!


DELAYED to 18:30


Dear Community,

To hold on our plans to keep the advanced server populated, we are going to reopen Pioneer(Stater), to offer new players a fresh start!

Detailed Information you can fin in our Epvp Thread

Also there is some Sharing Contest, where you can win 2000 VIP Silk!




Patch Notes

[Patch Notes]


Pioneer (Advanced)

- A new NPC has been added at the entrance of the Mirror Dimension
-> 2 New Daily Quests have been added with Copper and Silk Coin Rewards.
-> Can be repeated everydays starting at 00:00 Server Time.
-> More Information about the rewards you will find in the quest description after accepting (Hotkey 'Q').

- Reduced the minimum Level to enter the Mirror Dimension and the Special Arenas to Lv. 103.

- Celestial Knight Armor (F) was made tradeable.

- Increased the Duration Time to 1800 seconds from the skills:
-> Phoenix Soul Arrow Lv 4
-> Fire Hawk lv 1

PC Limit

Dear Community,


We have now released the new PC Limit!

Everybody is allowed to login maximum 3 accounts!

If you receive a Patching Error, please download the newest client from our homepage.

If you get an error that your Pioneer.dll is broken, please disable your antivirus, download the Pioneer.dll from our website and add it as exception, before you reactivate your antivirus!

Don't worry, it's just reading and sending your Hardware-ID to our filter in order to create a PC Limit.

Don't dare to contact us if you have any issues ;)


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Update & X-Mas Event

[Patch Notes]


Update: Twilight of the Gods

- A new Intro has been added.

- A new Map - the Mirror Dimension has been added, which can be entered trough the Mirror Dimension Portal at the Jupiter Temple.

- New Monsters and have been added in the Mirror Dimension;
-> Possible Drops for Custom mobs: Copper Coins, Silk Coins
-> Possible Drops for Uniques: Advanced Elixirs C Grade, Silk Coins, 8% Luck Scrolls

- New Uniques have been added: The Earth, Zielkiaxe

- Advanced Elixirs C Grade for each kind have been added to the Shop at 12Dg Upgrade Trader Kreon.

- Advanced Elixir Remover has been added to the Shop at 12Dg Upgrade Trader Kreon.

- It's possible to fuse items until +16 with an Advanced Elixir C Grade!

- At the Zealots Hideout (Intermediate) and (Advanced) are no mobs added yet.

That's only the first part, the features of the Mirror Dimension will become exceeded yet with more rooms, new items, quests, NPCs, etc.!


Christmas Event has started!

Duration: 16.12. - 29.12.2016

- X-Mas Decorations and music have been added in every town!

- A Winter Princess NPC has been added in Donwhang with special items.

- White Knight and Princess Miyene appear all over Karakoram with special drops.

- Snowly weather has been added on nearly all maps.


Be aware that we may change some things or rates at the mirror dimension yet!

If you are experiencing any bug, please let us know!


General Changes

- The visual bug with the critical of daggers has been fixed.

- The Medusa Grab Pet has been changed to its old design.

Patch & Pioneer (Starter)

Pioneer (Advanced)

Patch Notes:

- The Halloween Event has ended, Decorations and NPCs are removed

- The Accessories filter at the Market Network has been fixed

- The Medusa Grab Pet has been changed to Togui Doll, in case to fix the clientless issues

- The Sellprices of Potions have been set to 0

- The NPC 'Midnight Lady' has been added at Donwhang (near to Southgate)

Future: New Updates including the Mirror Dimension are coming soon!



The Server will be closed at 30.12.2016 !!

Please transfer all items and gold which you need to the Advanced server until then, otherwise they'll be removed!


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