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Halloween Event!

Our server is currently under Inspection to add Halloween Event and our small update!


1. Special Shop came to DW!

2. Halloween Uniques will appear in Jangan around town 2 times a day!

3. Halloween Decorations are now in our towns!

4. The Trans Pets inventory size for lv 105 has been fixed

5. The Beginners Event Arena can be entered now with at least lv 20

6. Removed Elite Hunters/Thieves from the normal trade-spawn

7. The Passive Skill for INT chars has been removed, the old Passive Skill can be upgraded by only INT Chars.

8. Fixed the Price of Void and Destruction Rondo in the NPC

9. Dagger Crititcal has been increased to standard value!

Servers will be back online at 11:00 Server Time!


Update for CTF/JOB will come in few days as well!

Server Inspection!

Dear Community!


Server is back online!


Please patch your client!



1. Lottery tickets will get cooldown:

-> Hourly tickets will be with CD 45 min
-> Daily tickets will be with CD 7 hours
-> Weekly tickets will be with CD 24 hours

2. New Areas with Special mobs will eb available for players 105 lvl!
- all those mobs will drop Copper Coins!

3. New RS Design Scrolls 12 and 13 dg will be added (For VIP silks+ Copper Coins or only for Copper Coins)

4. FW time is moved to Sunday 19:00

5. HWT Intermediate is fixed now.

6. Teleport to New Areas will be added in Donwhang

7. Donwhang will be main City-> we will move a lot NPC from HT to DW!

8. We will upload new client (Please who can download it tomorrow (24.09.2016) and help us testing if it still gives you clientless!)

9. Some Uniques got new colors.

10. New Grab Pets will be added to VIP Shop!

and some more!

New Update has been added!

Dear Community



Please download the new Map.pk2 from our homepage and extract it into your Pioneer Folder!

After that you should not have issues with clientless anymore and also some bugs in the map have been fixed.

You can also download the new Full Client, if you want.



Our new update is ready!

Please patch your client!



1. FGW (Shipwreck)1* has now 50% chance to drop any talisman from Boxes/Ghost Sereness

2. FGW (Shipwreck)2* has now 60% chance to drop any talisman from Boxes/Ghost Sereness

3. FGW (Shipwreck)3* has now 80% chance to drop any talisman from Boxes/Ghost Sereness

4. FGW (Shipwreck)4* has now 100% chance to drop any talisman from Boxes/Ghost Sereness

5. Red Season Change scroll has been added.

You can give away your RS weapon with that scroll to get full new talisman collection!

6. New Event Uniques have been added!

- New Kind of Event Uniques

- Fallen Angel Serenity (chance to drop soh accessory!)

7. Defense from zerk has been decreased by 10.

8. New glows have been added!

9. Drop rate for Gold/silver coins has been increased in HWT Intermediate/Advanced

10. Ghost Sereness has now chance to drop Lucky scrolls and Silk Coins!

11. Jupiter Temple area has been removed (we think it was reason for all clientless, so let's test it)

12. Full INT CH characters got extra passive skills

13. Osiris in Intermediate/Advanced HWT is dropping now extra Lucky scrolls/Silk Coins

14. FGW Penalty Remover scroll has been added to Silk Trader for 200 Copper Coins




We made it easier to get SOH weapon, however remember that we didnt change rates for Red Season weapons which will stay LOW!


and some more!

Inspection 02.09.2016

Dear Community


The Inspection has been finished!

Our Servers are online again!

We increased slots to 2500!

The new Update has been added. For more informations click HERE


As recompense for the long Server Inspection, we will give you:

- A big Unique Event At 17:00 Server Time

- Job Penalty Reset for 1 VIP Silk in the webmall

- Skills & Statepoints Reset for 1 VIP Silk in the webmall

- VIP Silk per hour has been raised for 6 VIP Silk per hour / max 42 VIP Silk a day.

The last 3 points will finish on Monday, 05.09.2016 15:00 Server Time!

Thanks for reading!


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team!

Server Advanced


Dear Players

We're preparing a setup to include more AgentServers in our files and in the traffic filter.

When both of those things will be ready we will make announcement about short server restart.

We will inform you before that 





Dear Players,

The Hyperfilter will make Inspection!!!

The scheduled time for the replacement procedure is between : Aug/27 23:30 to Aug/28 02:00 (CEST)


Please check this link for more informations!






Dear Community


The newest update which was made by your suggestions:

1. Rates have been changed from x10 and x15 -> x20 Solo Exp, x30 party Exp

2. New beginner pack has been added.

3. New avatars have been added.

4. Warlock is blocked for FULL STR chars.
You can make Warlock Hybrid by adding with every lv. -> 2 int, 1 str stats

5. Guild limit has been changed from 50->32

6. Gold coins have been added as reward for CTF.

7. Gold coins are not tradeable!

8. Slots have been changed from 1000 players-> 2000 players

9. Transfer tool is blocked!

10. New intro has been added!

11. Silk Scrolls have been removed.

and some more!

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