News & Updates


Update 17.06.2016

New Video Contest has been added!


For more infomrations visit this thread



Dear Players,

We are happy to inform you that our new update is finished!




1. Hunter rates are fixed!

For now you will get CP like this for 5*:

Thief 35-40m CP

Trader 30-45m CP

Hunter 20-35m CP (less since they get 7 traders in 1 pt)

2. Added Iron Coins to NPC for 50kk each!

3. Changed all Prices at Contribution Shop at website!

4. Added new items for CP:

-> Commander Patch

-> Sereness Tears

-> 10 dg Seal of Sun Armor Upgrade scroll

-> 10 dg Seal of Sun Weapon Upgrade scroll

-> Skill Books for Attack pets (7 days) - it's not working at Fellow Pets!

-> EXP SP Scrolls 15% and 10% (20minutes)

-> Magic POP scrolls!

5. FW time has been changed from 16:00 Server Standard Time to 18:00 Server Standard Time! At STARTER ONLY!

6. Added Lottery System to game!

There are 2 kind of lotteries:

-> For Vip Silk

-> For Gold

Both of them got 3 different timings:

Hourly, Daily, Weekly!

There is always one winner for each of them!

System is choosing winner alone from players who bought special coupons and used them.

We added New Lottery Station NPC at Hotan! (Next to the Magic POP)


How lottery works?

Let's say 10 players bought coupons

Each coupon for gold costs 100m. It gives together 1 bilion. Our system will choose 1 winner.

More coupons- more gold/vips to win! And of course bigger chance :)

Winner will get private msg in Msg Box.


If you got that msg , you are the one! If not... well maybe next time! ;-)

How to recieve your reward? Relog :)

Server Inspection has been finished!

Dear Community,


These are the news & updates:

- Added new Uniques for the Summer Event (Drops: Silver & Gold Coins, Globals, Reverse Return Scrolls, Magic POP Scrolls, 4 week SP Ticket)

  They will spawn around Hotan and in Central Asia every day.

- Edited the Glow of +8, +12 and +13

- Guildmember Limit has been raised from 24 to 50

- Unionlimit has been decreased to 2

+ Please do not try to invite a 3rd Guild to the Union, otherwise you can only leave the Union again after a Server restart!

- Disabled the FW Registration while Fortress War

- Added Magic POP Cards to the Item Mall

- The minimum Level for Globals, CTF and Arena has been fixed

- The IP Limit has been fixed

- Added an Alchemy Event until 14.06.2016



Have a great Fun!


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team


Screenshot Summer Time event has been started!


More informations HERE!





UPDATE 19.05.2016


  • - Increased the Server Capacity of Pioneer(Starter) from 1000 to 2000 Players
  • - Added Energy of Life 3rd and 4th Degree to Potion Traders
  • - Fixed the Skill "Fire Shield" of Chinese Chars
  • - Increased the cooldown of Lava Trap to 3 minutes
  • - Increased the Slots of Behemoth from 84 to 100 and increased the speed from 3,5 to 4 m
  • - Lowered the Damage of Flame Cow King
  • - Increased the Absolutnes damage of the Skills "Over Healing" and "Glut Healing" for Clerics
  • - Increased the Cooldown of the Spirit Fragment Berserker scroll to 15 minutes
  • - Increased the Droprate of Stones and Elixirs by x2
  • - Added new Times for Special Trades: 04:00 and 08:00 Server Time

The Job Rank will stay for the first as a Ranking for Contribution Points, due with Kills they're botting with Lava Trap at the entrances, etc. so we will search for another solution. Anyways we don't see a decrease of Thieves. The Contribution Ranking is fair, due Thieves get even more CP than a trader who finishes a trade from Jangan to Donwhang.


Thank You for your Suggestions and have a great Fun!


~Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Alchemy Event

Dear Community,


The Alchemy Event is running only on Pioneer(Advanced) from 13.05. - 15.05.2016, 23:00 Server Time.


The Job Rank has been upgraded from Kills to Contribution, which means it will count how many contribution points you will get from your Job activities and setup the rank like this, instead of kills.


~Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Hyperfilter Inspection

Dear Community,


Hyperfilter is undergoing  an inspection for a few hours, after that we'll be online again.

Thank you for your patience!




~Your pioneer Gaming-Network Team