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Server Advanced


Dear Players

We're preparing a setup to include more AgentServers in our files and in the traffic filter.

When both of those things will be ready we will make announcement about short server restart.

We will inform you before that 





Dear Players,

The Hyperfilter will make Inspection!!!

The scheduled time for the replacement procedure is between : Aug/27 23:30 to Aug/28 02:00 (CEST)


Please check this link for more informations!






Dear Community


The newest update which was made by your suggestions:

1. Rates have been changed from x10 and x15 -> x20 Solo Exp, x30 party Exp

2. New beginner pack has been added.

3. New avatars have been added.

4. Warlock is blocked for FULL STR chars.
You can make Warlock Hybrid by adding with every lv. -> 2 int, 1 str stats

5. Guild limit has been changed from 50->32

6. Gold coins have been added as reward for CTF.

7. Gold coins are not tradeable!

8. Slots have been changed from 1000 players-> 2000 players

9. Transfer tool is blocked!

10. New intro has been added!

11. Silk Scrolls have been removed.

and some more!

A big loss of data

Dear Community,


We've got very bad news from our host.

It seems like the Harddisk of the dedicated server, where Pioneer(Advanced) was hosted on, have been damaged.

It's not possible to recover the data of it, what means we lost the database and all backups of Pioneer(Advanced)!


What's next ..

The only thing we can do, we will rebuild it again and open it new, the fastest possible way (It will be done until Friday 18:00 Server Time- More informations here and here).


Facebook Contest: Share post about reopen server HERE 

From all people who share this post we will choose 20 to get 2000 VIP silks!


We gave everyone back all VIP Silk which have been bought in the last 2 months!

Also we will edit the beginner pack, so you can get back faster again what you've lost.

This time we'll use some RAID, which is working with more hard disks and if one breaks again, the data won't be lost.


We highly apologize for what happened and we're sorry that we can't do more for you!


We'll keep you up with the newest information about the opening time.


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Update 15.07.2016 for Server Advanced only

Dear Community!


Newest Creative Contest has been started-> for more details click HERE




Share our newest post about cap 105! From all people who will do it we will choose 3 random players to receive 2000 VIP silks!



We will choose winners on 1st August!


We don't have another fb accounts!

We never ask at facebook about ID/PW!

Our GMs DON'T have facebook accounts!


Patch PART 4

Next update for CAP 105 is ready!


1. Pandora Box is fixed! You can use it in Alexandria.

2. SOH weapon change scroll has been added.

Please read everything twice! 

3. Mobs in JOB TEMPLE give now more sp/exp, Their damage and defence have been increased. Please dont bot there with NPC sets cause you will die (we made it to avoid proxy abusers!)

4. Some uniques have been fixed.





Patch part 3 (19.07.2016) :



1. Togui Village Talisman Collection has been added.

Rewards for full collection of your choice:

-> Red Season weapons (INT , STR in items will  appear after teleport)

-> Hell Emblem

-> Roc Upgrade scroll

2. Those mobs have been now lvl 105:

-> Blood Hyena

-> Ure'uth

-> Akeru

-> Sandworm

-> Sylakenth

-> Sand Bug

-> Aknish

3. Lowered exp for lvls 104/105

4. Alchemy Event has been finished!

5. Fixed Blues at weapons

6. Fixed Teleport clientless problem

7. Added Red Season Design Removal Scroll


8. GM Serenity, Kidemonas, GM Meradiana, GM Gladis, GM Midnight, GM Trexy uniques (and some more) will appear at violet points over all maps at random times!



Patch part 2:



1. Party Matching Limit has been changed from 1-100  to 1-105.

2. FGW Flame Mountain and Shipwreck have been changed to lvl 91-105.

3. Lvl 101 will not give you crash anymore.

4. Mastery for Chinese has been rised from 300-> 315 (Remember that you cant lvl skills because our server already use skills lvl 110!)



Our New Update Part 1 is Live!

For more informations click HERE





Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Alchemy Event 28.06-02.07

Please relog to download new patch from 02.07.2016!




Dear Community,


As promised, the Alchemy event is coming!

- the Alchemy rate will be increased for every Opt.Level  8-18% more!


SoX drop event has started!


Event Period: 28.06-02.07

We wish you a great Fun and Good Luck ;)


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team



Dear Players


If you will destroy any item because of you didn't add Immortal stone we will give it back clean, 0%, +0 and only ONE time.

Only one item per all your accounts will be refunded.



Your Pioneer Gaming-Network team


Update 17.06.2016

New Video Contest has been added!


For more infomrations visit this thread



Dear Players,

We are happy to inform you that our new update is finished!




1. Hunter rates are fixed!

For now you will get CP like this for 5*:

Thief 35-40m CP

Trader 30-45m CP

Hunter 20-35m CP (less since they get 7 traders in 1 pt)

2. Added Iron Coins to NPC for 50kk each!

3. Changed all Prices at Contribution Shop at website!

4. Added new items for CP:

-> Commander Patch

-> Sereness Tears

-> 10 dg Seal of Sun Armor Upgrade scroll

-> 10 dg Seal of Sun Weapon Upgrade scroll

-> Skill Books for Attack pets (7 days) - it's not working at Fellow Pets!

-> EXP SP Scrolls 15% and 10% (20minutes)

-> Magic POP scrolls!

5. FW time has been changed from 16:00 Server Standard Time to 18:00 Server Standard Time! At STARTER ONLY!

6. Added Lottery System to game!

There are 2 kind of lotteries:

-> For Vip Silk

-> For Gold

Both of them got 3 different timings:

Hourly, Daily, Weekly!

There is always one winner for each of them!

System is choosing winner alone from players who bought special coupons and used them.

We added New Lottery Station NPC at Hotan! (Next to the Magic POP)


How lottery works?

Let's say 10 players bought coupons

Each coupon for gold costs 100m. It gives together 1 bilion. Our system will choose 1 winner.

More coupons- more gold/vips to win! And of course bigger chance :)

Winner will get private msg in Msg Box.


If you got that msg , you are the one! If not... well maybe next time! ;-)

How to recieve your reward? Relog :)