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Upgrade for the Advanced Server

Pioneer (Advanced)


Dear Community of the server Pioneer(Advanced),


The server will be under inspection staring at 27.04.2017 19:00 for about 24 hours!

We are going to upgrade the server and we're going to move everything from the 188 to the new 274 server files.

Please be aware of the fact, that at the new server files it's not possible to create more than one inventory page for pets!

Which means you should take all items out of your pet inventories, otherwise those items will be deleted after the update!!

You can put those items to your character's inventory or to you storage, it's just important that you take them out.

Everything like all characters, items, storages, finished quests, titles, gold, guilds, friends, settings, etc. will be copied to the new files (just not the items of the pet inventories).


As well you have to download the new Pioneer(Advanced) Client from our homepage, you'll not be able to use the old client anymore!


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Patch Notes 25.04.2017

[Patch Notes]


- The Easter Event has ended.

- Job Quest rewards & Tasks have been changed

- Created a PC Limit of 1 to participe at CTF and Battle Arena

- Created a PC Limit of 1 to be in Job mode


Time to Advertise!

Hey there,


The new Bot (xBot) has been released now, which gives everybody the chance to use a free bot on our new server!

Now it's time to attract more people getting fun in here.

The Server is opened now for not even 2 weeks, it's still new and worth to join us.

Especially we are starting a "Join Us" Event for new players:

- EXP/SP Rates are being increased by 100%! (20x -> 40x)

- The Gold Droprate has been duplicated (15x -> 30x)

- New characters will start with 700.000 Skill Points instead of 300.000

- Voting Rewards are doubled to 10 Loyality Coins per vote

- Duration: 19.04.2017 18:30 CET until 26.04.2017 23:59 CET!


As well you can adjust to get more population:

Advertising Event

Advertise our server in any way you'd like and earn extra Loyality Coins!

For example you can:

- Create advertisment threads in any Forum

- Share our poject in facebook or other social networks

- Invite your friends or other people to join here

- Or any other way or idea which you like

Show us what you made in our Forum or in a Support Ticket, we'll check it and reward you!

- Duration: 19.04.2017 18:30 CET until 26.04.2017 23:59 CET!


May the newest SRO Project be fascinating!




A free Bot for 1.274 files

Dear Community,


After long waiting, Muhab finally released a free bot which is working on Pioneer(Reunion)!

You can find the Release and Download Link HERE (usage by your own risk).

We'll increase the rates and the Beginner's pack later today, for new players!



Easter Event

Easter Event

- 200 Easter Eggs are hidden all around the maps (not included are Alexandria, Jangan Cave, DW Cave or any other maps with level restrictions)

- Once one Egg has been found, it takes 30min - 2h to appear again.

- Items which can be obtained from Easter Eggs:
-> Reverse Return Scroll
-> Global Chatting
-> Evasion Scroll
-> Hit Scroll
-> Trigger Scroll
-> Speed Scroll
-> HP 500 Increase Scroll
-> MP 500 Increase Scroll
-> Magic Stone of Astral Lv 10
-> Magic Stone of Astral Lv 11
-> Magic Stone of Immortal Lv 10
-> Magic Stone of Immortal Lv 11
-> Magic POP Card
-> Drug of ultimate Speed
-> Berserker Regeneration Potion
-> 5% Luck Scroll
-> 8% Luck Scroll
-> 10% Luck Scroll
-> Devil's Spirit S Grade (M)
-> Devil's Spirit S Grade (F)
-> Paty Monster Summon Scroll

They are hidden well, Good Luck!


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